Our pastries and cookies are all homemade and baked at the store. Our main focus is quality and taste. That’s why we use only pure butter.

We make these baked goods:
Baklava-flaky and crisp
Kourambiethes-they melt in your mouth
Almond or Walnut biscotti
Finikia/Spice cookies-plain or with crushed almonds
Cranberry/Almond butter cookies

And of course…
Our famous Koulourakia
Yiayia Mary’s original
Recipe from Constantinople
Light and crispy make from pure butter and all natural ingredients. No preservatives

And of course...
We also bake Tsourekia (Greek Easter Sweet Bread) every Saturday and during the holidays we bake them everyday. At Easter we make them with red eggs. And for New Years we make Vasilopites, with coins for good luck in the New Year.

To order or get more information email or call 908-272-2550

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